Rishton Ka Chakravyuh: Satrupa versus Sudha


Sudha feels Dadi has cheated her since Dadi has sent her to the asylum. She gets angry that she didn’t find anyone loyal in Lal Mahal. She tells Dadi that she will soon everyone’s graves in Lal Mahal. She sees all the members of Lal Mahal and holds evil feelings for them. She is most angry on Baldev, who didn’t keep his promise. She wants to ruin Baldev and make him pay for all her tears. She goes to do the puja. Satrupa stops Sudha from doing so.

Adhiraj tries to find about Sudha from the mental asylum. He thinks Sudha’s past can help him know her intentions. Sudha sees Anami. She acts to show Satrupa is torturing her. Anami takes a stand for Sudha. She argues with Satrupa for Sudha’s sake. Satrupa wants Anami to see the truth. Dadi asks Satrupa not to hurt Sudha, else Anami will get more away from them. Dada ji explains Baldev how Sudha can badly affect them. He asks Baldev to do something for them.

Baldev feels helpless. He is happy that his dad has hope from him. He decides to fulfill his dad’s expectations this time. He feels broken that Sudha is troubling his family. Satrupa gets shattering. She recalls Vatsalya. She gains strength by his memories. Anami tries reaching Adhiraj. He doesn’t talk to her. Anami wonders why is Adhiraj avoiding her. Dadi supports Satrupa. She asks Satrupa to show the right path to Anami. Satrupa gets ready to play even with Sudha. Dadi becomes her mentor in this big battle. Sudha and Satrupa’s battle for Anami begins.


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