Sanjana’s state worries all in Sasural Simar Ka

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Anjali is invited by her friend in a party. Anjali refuses to go. Simar hears her and asks her to go in the party, as she needs a change. Simar asks Anjali to connect with friends. Sanjana sleepwalks. She goes to the terrace and is about to jump. Piyush stops Sanjana and tries to get her to senses. Sanjana doesn’t hear him. She jumps down the terrace. Piyush and Sameer rescue Sanjana. Sanjana gets to senses. She doesn’t know how she reached on terrace.

Piyush tells the family that they have to find out what’s happening with Sanjana, who is targeting her. He doubts on Bhairavi. He doesn’t want Sanjana’s life to fall in risk. He says something is happening with Sanjana every day, there can be anyone’s planning against her. He tells them that today they all saved Sanjana, but maybe next time they are not around. Simar will be protecting Sanjana from Bhairavi. Sameer supports Sanjana, when she feels she is losing out. Anjali makes Pari steal Sanjana’s mangalsutra. Will Simar know Anjali’s hidden intentions? Keep reading.






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