Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre: Devi transforms Adhiraj


Adhiraj gets caring for Devi. She takes the fruits for him. He thanks her for all her care. She gets to see his new side. He is not able to understand what he has in heart. He has given her a wound in anger. Still she is being the same to him. He thinks Devi is selfless. He feels guilty for burning her back in anger. He can’t meet eyes with her. He regrets for his big mistake. He sees her wound and feels the pain. He is falling in love with her. Devi has fed him the food on Maasa’s orders. They have a moment.

Devi will soon transform Adhiraj by her love. Devi gets to know a big truth about Adhiraj. She gets determined to win. Adhiraj cries for Devi’s pain. He feels he has done a big crime. He punishes himself. Maasa and Urmi try to burn Devi’s face to ruin her beauty. Devi gets saved. Devi was sure that Adhiraj has a human in him, he is not just a devil. Her belief turns true. Adhiraj confronts Maasa for hurting Devi. He opposes Maasi and takes Devi’s side, shockingly.



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