KaiRa to take a stand for Naksh in Yeh Rishta…

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Badhai, Bidaai and more for KaiRa

Kartik and Naira get into an argument. The kids gets troubled seeing their fight. Kartik asks kids to learn project making by Naira, as she knows the best. Naira tells the kids that Kartik is not making the project well. Their big fight is resolved, but the arguments are going on. Naksh has hurt Kirti’s heart. This is affecting even Kaira. Naksh hasn’t tell any truth to Kirti. She has learnt it from Kartik. Since then, she gets depressed and plans to get away from the family.

Bhabhimaa calls Naira and tells her that Naksh has left from home without telling anyone. Naira worries for Naksh. She tries calling Naksh. Naksh reaches Goenka house to meet Kirti. Manish starts insulting Naksh. Dadi sympathizes with Naksh. Even Kartik feels Naksh is changing for the better. Manish gets angry seeing Naksh at home. He scolds even Naira. Dadi takes a stand for Naira. She doesn’t feel Naira has done anything wrong. She tells Manish that they should give a chance to Kirti and Naksh’s relation. Manish disagrees to Dadi.


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