Neil makes way for Mishti’s freedom in Naamkarann


Neil and Avni’s communication breaks. Neela and Juhi pray for Neil and Avni to get Mishti back safely. Avni sends off Mishti away from Vidyut. She imagines a romantic dance with Neil. Vidyut doesn’t get a hint of Avni’s plan. Neil continues to distract Vidyut. Avni finally manages to leave from the venue. Vidyut waits for his mum’s arrival. He meets Neil and feels they have met before. Neil blocks his way and reveals his identity to him. Vidyut gets a shock seeing Neil in his party. Neil angers him by talking of his mum.

Vidyut asks Neil to meet his daughter. Neil stops him at knife point. He reveals the crimes done by Vidyut and Ragini pandit. He tells Vidyut that he will expose his truth to the world. Vidyut doesn’t lose his cool and tells Neil that he didn’t know anything about his mum. Neil knows Vidyut is acting in front of the guests. Neil tells her that his mum can get encountered. Neil keeps on threatening Vidyut. Vidyut asks Neil to leave him. Neil tells everyone about Vidyut’s crime list. Vidyut asks Neil to get warrant. Neil and Vidyut have a fight in the party. Vidyut catches Neil. Vidyut goes to check on Mishti. He gets huge shock on seeing a doll in Mishti’s place. Vidyut demands an answer from Neil about Mishti. Avni gets worried for Neil, who got trapped by Vidyut. She remembers her promise made to Neil and takes care of Mishti. Vidyut finds Neil’s weakness to get Mishti back.


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