Arjun plans to get Nisha’s richness in Woh Apna Sa


Jia started her plan against Nisha. Nisha gets a shock of life when she sees Jhanvi. Jia is hurt that Arjun doesn’t have any emotions like Adi. She reveals the matter to Kakimaa. She gets angry that Arjun spoke to her badly. Chini believes Arjun is her dad Aditya. Jia wants Arjun to remember anything. She feels Arjun has no connection with the past. She says he has made fun of my feelings, which Aditya can never do. She tells them that she is ready to teach a lesson to Nisha, without any help from Arjun.

Arjun feels he will get the big benefits after knowing Nisha’s crimes. He wants to take risk and get inside Nisha’s house. He plans to rob the house and get rich, unaware that the house belongs to him. After Jia recalls the past, Arjun too gets more of the past flashes. He sleepwalks and leaves from home. Luckily, he gets spotted by Jia, who finds him in the trance state. She reaches him to help.


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