Gupta gets furious knowing Saloni’s truth in Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara


Ahana is happy when Saloni sounds happy in her newly married life. Tarun’s dad Gupta doubt on Laila doesn’t get cleared. He tries to find out about his wife’s bank transactions to know if Laila manipulated them. Anant gets second thoughts over meeting Ahana. He tells her that he can’t meet her. Rehaan has Ahana’s bracelet. Rehaan drops Anant. Saloni and Tarun leave for their honeymoon. Gupta learns the truth and is upset with his wife. He gets angry knowing about Saloni’s pregnancy. He feels its shameful to accept this truth.

Ahana happens to meet Rehaan at the airport. Rehaan gives Ahana’s bracelet to his lover. He learns it doesn’t belong to her. Anant calls up Ahana for a meet. Ahana gets impatient to tell Laila’s truth to Anant. Roshni asks Anant to cancel his dinner meet. Anant tells her that he will take the family out the next day. Anant and Ahana meet. He tries to know the suspense. She tries to tell about Laila. Anant tells her that everyone knows about Laila’s financial position. Anant learns about Roshni’s accident. He feels guilty for not considering his family first.


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