Parth and Teni stand by each other in Dil Se Dil Tak


Teni and Parth get a happy moment when they see the baby on the screen. Parth and Teni bond during the sonography session. Teni gets very happy seeing the baby. She tells Parth that the baby is like him. She gets excited. She asks the doctor if baby is a boy or girl. Parth tells Teni that they can’t know the baby gender. Teni says baby has features like Parth, but baby will have smartness like me. She holds Parth’s hand. Teni misses Shorvori. She sees Shorvori with them. She is not able to accept that Shorvori has left them. She sees Shorvori smiling seeing the baby. She feels Shorvori is still with them. Parth has got new hopes seeing the baby. The baby will get happiness in their lives.

Bhanushali family discusses about keeping a baby shower for Teni. They make preparations for the ceremony. Dadi decides to talk to Parth about his and Teni’s marriage.

Teni gets happy and sits for her godh bharai. The family is much happy to do the baby shower ceremony. The women do the rasam, give blessings and gifts for the baby. They all sing a sweet song. Teni smiles seeing everyone welcoming the baby happily. Some ladies taunt her for being an unwed mum. The ladies blame Parth for ruining Teni’s life. Parth feels guilty. Teni gets upset. She doesn’t care of anyone, as she is getting Bhanushali family’s love. She asks Parth not to get sad as she doesn’t think like those ladies. She tells him that she doesn’t want to marry him now. Parth and Teni support each other. Teni imagines Shorvori with her. She talks to Shorvori about the baby.


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