Rudra’s melodrama calls for a Goa outing in Ishqbaaz

Ishqbaaz: Rudra to prove Shivay mentally ill

Rudra gets insecure that his brothers have no time for him, since their wives came back. Rudra jumps in the pool. He does drama and tells everyone that he is upset with Shivay and Omkara. He feels they don’t love him now. He gets crying. Anika and Gauri ask Rudra to come out of the pool. Rudra makes them emotional by saying about his Jal Samadhi. Shivay says no one dies inside the four feet deep water. Gauri says you will catch cold, you should come out. Rudra refuses. He sings a senti song. Shivay asks what’s wrong with you, stop it. Rudra feels cold in water. He says both my brothers have broke my heart.

Shivay asks him to tell the matter straight. Dadi says Rudra feels he has lost his place in your lives, you both didn’t attend him last night, he has taken this thing on his heart. Rudra says I will not forgive you, even my Bhabhis will have a problem. Anika says we have no problem. Dadi supports Rudra. Anika and Gauri push Shivay and Omkara in the pool as well. The brothers have a delightful moment. They enjoy in the pool.

Dadi gets happy seeing the brothers’ love. The brothers decide to go Goa together. Anika and Gauri stay cool wives and permit their husbands to go. Shivay and Anika spend romantic moments, before Shivay leaves for Goa. Anika sees a tv show and thinks of testing Shivay’s love. She plans to fall in Shivay’s arms to test his trust. Shivay moves away. Anika falls down. Shivay cares for her. He applies the ointment to her foot. He acts romantic. Anika screams about the thief. Shivay asks her the matter. They look for the thief around. He says its just your bad dream. Shivay comforts her. Obros then bid bye to their partners and leave for Goa for some fun.


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