Shakti: Homecoming for Harman


Surbhi and Mohini get into an argument. Surbhi gets angry on her. She taunts Harak for cheating Preeto. She asks Harak how can he get Mohini home. Harak enjoys playing the drama. He romances Mohini. Mohini argues with Surbhi. Police comes home and arrests Harak. He is playing the game. He has planned the entire drama. He will reveal the real drama when time comes. Everyone sees Harak in a wrong light. They all point on his character.

Harman returns home for Preeto’s sake. Soumya has convinced him to go home. She tells him that mum’s relation is most important. She sacrifices her love. She asks him to go to Preeto, who needs him. She knows he will always be with her. Soumya comes to talk to Harak. Harman sees her and asks her is she mad to come at this time. She tells him that she is worried for Preeto and wants to see her once. She says I can’t sleep in peace without meeting Preeto, how is she now. He says she is sleeping, she will get upset seeing you, you came to meet her as if she will get happy meeting you. She insists that she will see Preeto from far and leave. Harman takes her to Preeto’s room. He tells Soumya that she is soft hearted and thinks for everyone, so he loves her so much. They have a moment.


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