Sudha to wisely deceive Adhiraj in Rishton Ka Chakravyuh


The family wants Sudha to leave from their wives. Dada ji asks Baldev not to leave home and do something to restore their peace. Baldev gives a blank cheque to Sudha. He asks her to fill any amount and just leave from their lives. Sudha doesn’t want money from them. She wants to seek revenge for all her sorrow and tears, while she was left alone by Baldev. Sudha denies to accept the cheque. Adhiraj learns about Sudha escaping from the mental asylum six years back and putting someone else in her place to cover her crime. Adhiraj reaches Lal Mahal to meet Sudha. He questions Sudha about her escape.

Sudha’s confidence gets less when he raises a doubt. He asks about someone else staying by Sudha’s name in the asylum. Sudha then lies to him that she was in the mental asylum, but shifted to another building. She asks Adhiraj to get her statement confirmed by anyone. Adhiraj speaks to the doctor and gets confirmed that Sudha was in mental asylum. The doctor tells him that he had sent many letters to Lal Mahal to inform about Sudha, but he never fetched any reply ever. Anami comes ahead to protect Sudha. Will Adhiraj also fall in Sudha’s deceive trap? Keep reading.


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