Anant to propose Ahana in Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara

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Anant gets Roshni’s accident news. He rushes to the hospital. He meets Roshni. He gets worried for Roshni. Ahana gets to see Anant’s love for Roshni. She remembers how Laila has kept the children away. She feels she didn’t get any love from Laila ever. Ahana gets into an argument with Laila. She calls her a selfish mom. Tarun learns that his dad learnt about Saloni’s pregnancy. He worries for his dad’s reaction. He tells Saloni how Laila has seen her profits from their marriage. Saloni has her belief in Laila. Tarun doesn’t want to reveal the entire truth to her. Anant gets upset with Yamini for not taking care of Roshni well. Yamini doesn’t leave them alone.

She apologizes to him. She feels he is not trusting her now. Anant forgives Yamini. Ahana meets Anant to know about Roshni. She is sure that Roshni will be fine till he is with her. Anant tries to stay alone for some time. Ahana gives him company. Ahana asks him not to feel guilty. She reads his eyes. Anant tells her that his children mean everything. Ahana explains her that he can’t be with children always, he should make them independent. She misses her dad. She tells him about Rahul, who’s world’s best dad. She tells Anant that she likes to spend time with him, as he has become her friend. Anant too likes her company. They make a promise of lifelong friendship. Anant decides to propose Ahana.

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