Happy union: Gauri expresses her will to Omkara in Ishqbaaz


Shivay, Omkara and Rudra get Gauri home by hiding from everyone. Anika doubts on Shivay. She feels something is wrong. Shivay keeps lying to her. Anika gets spying on her. Shivay tries to hide the matter as long as he can. He informs Rudra to tell Omkara to be alert. Bhavya too senses something is fishy. Anika and Bhavya get together to find out what the boys are hiding. Shivay romances Anika to stop her from seeing Gauri. Anika feels his romance is just a diversion. She wants to know what’s Shivay hiding.

Omkara makes Gauri rest. He waits for her waking up. Anika and Bhavya try to start their search from Omkara’s room. Omkara gets an idea. He hides Gauri in the cupboard. Anika and Bhavya begin their search. They don’t see Gauri, because of Shivay’s drama. Shivay does drama and faints. Anika and Bhavya look after him. Shivay asks them to take to his room. Anika looks for her phone, which she left in Omkara’s room. She gets to see Gauri with Omkara. She gets a shock.

Anika confronts Shivay for kidnapping Gauri. She asks him did he not think of Gauri’s will and the people related to her. Shivay justifies that he has done this for Omkara, who was shattering without Gauri. He can’t see Omkara upset. He wants to get happiness for Omkara in the form of Gauri. Anika tells him that his move can’t be justified. Shivay tells her that Gauri’s happiness is also with Omkara. He wanted to unite the true lovers. Anika and Shivay get into an argument about Gauri. She calls him wrong. Gauri wakes up. She wants to tell Omkara that she wanted to come with him.


Anika tells Omkara that Gauri will never forgive him for kidnapping her. Gauri doesn’t let Omkara apologize. She tells Omkara that she wanted this to happen, she loves him. She hugs Omkara, clearing all the arguments. Gauri tells Omkara that she wanted to tell him, but he didn’t listen. Gauri reveals to them about Ajay’s cheap intentions. She tells her plan of escaping. Anika gets happy that everything got sorted. Anika also believes Shivay has done right, by understanding Gauri’s heart. Anika doesn’t accept she was wrong. Shivay and Anika show attitude to each other. Anika and Shivay’s argument doesn’t get over. Anika decides to test Shivay’s trust.


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