Neil succeeds to arrest Vidyut in Naamkarann


Avni and Neil reach Mishti. Neil gives water to Mishti. They find Mishti scared. Avni comforts her by motherly love. She sings a lullaby for her. Neil gets to see Avni’s new side. He gets happy. Neil does drama to get Avni’s attention. Avni gets worried seeing his wound. Neil asks her to do the aid. Avni does the aid to him. They have a moment. Mishti gets scared in her dream. Avni and Neil promise to end Mishti’s fears. They want to take Mishti away from Vidyut. Neil tells her plan to escape by diverting Vidyut.

Neil tells Avni that they can get saved once they reach the road. He gets a shock when Vidyut catches Avni and Mishti. In no time, Vidyut takes them away. Neil loses them. Neil tries to save them. Vidyut confronts Avni for her brave act to fool him. He tells Avni that he will not leave her now. Avni tries to protect Mishti from him. He makes Neil run after them. Neil doesn’t want Vidyut to get away. Vidyut asks Avni to lose hopes now. Ali comes to their rescue. He spreads the nails on the way and stops the jeep.


Vidyut finds his new enemy waiting. Ali gets into a fight with Vidyut. Avni tries to run away with Mishti. Vidyut injures Ali. The family prays for Neil and Avni. Neela reveals Neil and Avni’s separation drama to rescue Mishti. Vidyut scares Avni. Before he could hit Avni, Neil reaches there and knocks him down. Neil and Vidyut fight. Vidyut gets captured. Vidyut tells them that they will not win every time. Neil arrests Vidyut. Avni worries for Mishti, who gets much hurt.


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