Kartik puts efforts to set-up happiness in Yeh Rishta…

Yeh Rishta Kartik unfolds the truth to Naksh shockingly

Kartik tries to make up to Naira by his wonderful surprise. Naira doesn’t forgive him. She blames his ego for ruining their relationship. Singhanias get happy to see Naksh getting Kirti home. Devyaani tells him that their relation will turn more strong from now on. Kirti gets a new happiness. Kartik asks Naira to forget things once and move on. She reminds him how the family sent him to get her on Diwali, but he didn’t come, just because of his ego. She tells him that Naksh and Kirti’s relation got stronger now, but their relation turned out to be fake like their love. She tells him that he didn’t believe her and stayed in anger.

She tells him that they have ruined their sweet relation by his egoistic behavior. She is in no mood to forgive him or forget the matter. Kartik realizes his mistakes. He decides to do something that makes Naira believe him again. Naksh and Kirti have sweet moments. Kirti sees Naksh’s care for her. Kartik keeps apologizing to Naira again. He tells her that true love can never fail. Naira doesn’t listen.

Naksh asks Kirti to think of new relations and end all the fears of her past. Kirti agrees to him. Kartik tries to cook food for Naira. He makes a blunder. Manish supports Kartik in his efforts. Manish thanks Suwarna for never getting upset with him. She compliments him that he is the perfect husband. He apologizes for all his mistakes to his perfect wife. He decides to pamper her with loves and make the day special. Naksh makes a movie plan with Kirti. Kartik gets worried and finds Naira. Suwarna indirectly helps him out. Kartik reaches Naira and apologizes to her again. She angrily gets away.


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