Neil and Avni get Mishti home in Naamkarann


Neil and Avni rescue Mishti. Vidyut gets unwell. Neil shows humanity. He injects insulin to Vidyut. He makes him fine. He tells Vidyut that he doesn’t want to do his encounter, as he trusts laws. He asks Vidyut to get prepared for interrogation. Vidyut tells Neil that they can’t win all the time. Neil tells him that he is not smart enough. He is sure he will find Ragini pandit as well. Juhi gets the news of Mishti’s welfare. DD tells Juhi that Neil and Avni risked life for each other, they are true lovers. Neil’s family learns that Juhi is alive, and the murder drama was also done for a purpose. Neela asks them to support Neil and Avni. She is proud of them for rescuing Mishti.

Juhi gets eager to meet Mishti. She reaches the hospital to see Mishti. She gets scared seeing Vidyut there. She gains courage and goes to confront him. Avni stops her from making this mistake as that would ruin Neil’s plans to protect her life. She asks Juhi not to make any mistake, else Vidyut will be freed from police.

Avni explains her how they have trapped Vidyut. Juhi cries for Mishti. Avni tells Juhi that she has done all the drama for Mishti. Juhi thanks them for saving Mishti. Doctor tells Neil that Mishti may need blood. Vidyut also undergoes medical tests. Bebe gets upset with Neil for not thinking for their emotions. Vidyut gets interrogated. He asks DD to get training from him. Avni takes special care of Mishti. She asks Neil to stop Juhi from making his mistake. Neil tells her that Juhi is dealing with many emotions. She says Juhi should control her emotions as they are doing. Neil tells her that he has lied to everyone. He expresses his love to her. They have a moment. Neil understands it was not easy for them to do what they have done.


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