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Piyaa Albela:
Pooja takes care of Supriya. Naren wants to fail Pooja’s plannings. He plays his move to win the task. He emotionally blackmails Supriya. Naren and Pooja’s bad terms brings sorrow in the family. Naren doesn’t let Pooja prove any truth. Rahul and Surbhi get worried, knowing Pooja is too smart. Naren takes Pooja’s third test. He asks her to dance in front of the guests. She gets a huge shock.

Kumkum Bhagya:
Munni gets admitted in the hospital. Munni fears for the kids. Aaliya wants to expose Munni to control her back. She doesn’t want Munni to get in Abhi’s life. She gets evidence against Munni. She shows the evidence to Abhi. Disha asks Pragya to tell Abhi that its all a lie. She says Abhi will agree if she tells him truth. Disha asks her to deny all the evidence. Pragya tells her that she has to think of Munni, who has supported her. She has belief in Abhi, that he can never doubt on her. She tells Disha that her kumkum can never lose. Abhi gets in a dilemma.

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Sasural Simar Ka:
Roshni and Piyush have a cute romantic moment. Piyush fixes a dinner date with her. He plans to surprise Roshni. She asks him to let her work. He asks her not to cheat, else he will complain to Simar. She laughs. Pari comes there. She asks Roshni to come, Simar is calling her. Roshni gets busy in kitchen work. Roshni finishes all the work and agrees to go for the dinner. She tells Piyush that she can’t let his smile get compromised. Pari wants to fail their dinner plans. Roshni does her responsibility. She prepares the puja prasad. Pari decides to spoil the prasad and put the blame on Roshni.


Avni gets Mishti home. She takes care of Mishti. Mishti calls her angel. She is happy to get away from Vidyut. Avni comforts Mishti’s fears. Juhi comes to meet Mishti. She sees Avni and Mishti together. Avni makes Mishti sleep. Juhi longs for her daughter. She feels helpless that she can’t tell Mishti that she is her mum. She wants to hug Mishti and be with her. She gets food for Mishti. She gets away from Mishti, as she has no answers. Juhi wants Vidyut to get punished. Vidyut doesn’t see Juhi in the hospital, as Avni stops her in time. Neil doesn’t want his plan to get revealed. He doesn’t wish Juhi’s life to fall in danger again. Avni and Mishti play a game.


Ranvijay has shot Chakor. His family does the dressing to her wound. He turns mad and hurts his family to know about Chakor’s plans. He asks Chakor to call Suraj home. Chakor refuses to him. She asks him to have some shame to raise hand on woman. She stops him. Ranvijay tortures the family. Chakor agrees to call Suraj. She calls Suraj and tells him about the tortures. She asks him to come home.

Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre:

Devi wants to prove herself a dutiful bahu and wife. Devi and Adhiraj have a moment when she applies tika to him. Adhiraj takes it as a good shagun. Maasa gets angry seeing it. He says Devi applied tika while doing puja. Maasa wants to erase the tika. Adhiraj doesn’t let her do so. Maasa sends Devi to Adhiraj’s office to give the tiffin. She has some plans to anger Adhiraj. Devi tries to know more about him, so that she can change his heart.

Jagan and Chandar cleverly convince the villagers. Chandar becomes a great life saving angel for them. Nobody knows that Chandar has spread the epidemic in the village. Jagan tells Chandar that he has made sure that Raj gets caught up. Jagan publicly points finger at Raj Bajwa. He frames Raj in the blame. Jagan produces the evidence against Raj, which makes Amba suspect Raj. Raj gets affected by the epidemic. While he gets treated, Amba asks her men to punish Raj and dump him far away from the village to an isolated place, where he gets none to help him. Amba falls in Jagan’s plan. She gets revengeful against Raj.


Kartik and Naira were annoyed with each other. When Kartik got convinced about Naksh, Naira gets upset with Kartik. She counts all his mistakes. She tells him that he has hurt her a lot, and things can’t get fine in one go. Kartik doesn’t lose hope. He keeps trying to make up to her. Kartik does many arrangements in a shopping mall. Kartik found a way to convince Naira. Kartik dances in his cutest way to win her heart. He keeps saying sorry to her, till she stops him. Kartik doesn’t want to lose the chance.


Shivay, Omkara and Rudra leave for the Goa trip, as Rudra was planning an outing since long. Rudra wants to spend time with Shivay and Omkara. Obros go away from wives to have some peace and fun. Still, they miss their partners. Rudra gets upset with Shivay stops the car and gets busy talking to Anika on call. Shivay tells Anika that he can tell her what happened with them, if she wants to know. He tries to test her trust. He tells her a story. He lies to her about a girl taking lift from them, when her car broke down. Anika says I know you, no girl will see you when Omkara and Rudra are around you. Shivay tries to boast of himself. He lies that he has given the lift to the girl, he lifted her and made her sit in the car as she has hurt. He makes Anika jealous. Omkara too calls Gauri and cooks a story.


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