Abhi and Pragya fail to keep trust in Kumkum Bhagya

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Pragya has belief in her love, that Abhi will never let her fail. Abhi falls in huge dilemma over Pragya and Munni’s identity clash. He doesn’t know what to believe, who to believe and what to do. Abhi gets numb. Dadi asks her to get his anger out. Abhi gets a heartbreak again. He feels he is very unlucky as everyone cheats him. He doesn’t know why Pragya cheated him. He thinks where is his Pragya. His heart shatters thinking if Pragya is alive, fine or not. He fails to see Pragya’s truth in his eyes.

Abhi hopes his Pragya will come back, and sees Munni in Pragya. Disha tries to get some help from Purab. She has all hope from Purab, who is busy in a meeting. Purab knows Pragya’s truth. Disha feels helpless. Abhi loses trust on Pragya. He tells her that if she is not Pragya, she has no right to stand next to him, she has no right to stay in his live. He asks Pragya to leave from the house, else he will hate the face which he loves so much. Pragya gets a huge shock by his decision.






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