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Naamkarann: Avni tells Neil that Juhi has got annoyed with Mishti and left the house. She says I have looked for Juhi everywhere and didn’t get her. Neil asks did Juhi go mad to leave like this, her life is in danger, if anyone identifies her, she will get killed. Avni worries for Juhi. Neil finds Juhi’s phone outside and thinks she has got kidnapped. He asks DD to find Juhi fast, as she is declared dead for the world. He doesn’t want the truth to come out.


Rudra dances with Piya. They have a dramatic filmi dance in his dream. Rudra turns romantic hero. Rudra is attracted to Piya. He is enjoying his bachelorhood. He doesn’t know Pinky’s friend is planning against them. Everyone dines together. They get a big shock on seeing Piya home. They didn’t know she will come home. They fear she has come to tell everyone what happened. Omkara and Shivay try to handle the situation. Anika, Gauri and Bhavya have doubt on them. Piya teases them.

Dil Se Dil Tak:

Parth and Teni come closer whole caring for the coming child. Parth sees the baby’s mum Shorvori in Teni. Shorvori’s memories are breaking down Parth. He wants to make her memories his strength, but her absence is making him saddened to the core. Parth talks to his wife and child. Teni thinks Parth is agreeing to her because he cares for her. She assumes Parth is coming out of the sorrow.

Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara:

Ahana feels much secure with Anant. After Rahul’s death, she hasn’t found anyone true and humble. She finds Anant a true soul. She tells Anant that she feels secure with him and also likes staying happy, without feeling any age difference between them. Anant also tells her that he doesn’t feel the age difference when he spends time with her. They both turn into good friends. Anant ponders over moving on in life, to keep his dead wife’s wish. He decides to marry Ahana, if she wills and accepts his proposal. Anant meets Ahana. He proposes her for marriage. Ahana gets a shock, but eventually agrees to marry him.

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji:

Uma forces Aditya to touch Maasi’s feet. Aditya does drama of memory loss. He tells them that he has lost his memory. He acts that he is Vicky. Kanak knows Aditya and Maasi’s truth. She knows Aditya is acting to have a different identity. She also plays a game with them. She gets Aditya in Uma’s hands. Aditya acts weird. He refuses to know anyone in family. He says I don’t know why this woman is claiming to be my mom. He shows attitude and tells them that he can never belong to a villager family.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:
Raman and Ishita meet as strangers. Raman meets her in Budapest. He tells her that he feels an old strong bond with her, though he doesn’t recognize her. Ishita gets a shock talking to him. Raman and Ishita’s love story begins again.


Harak gets arrested. Harman calls police to send Harak to jail. He doesn’t want to bear Harak and Mohini’s affair. Harman frames Harak by keeping wine bottles in his car. Harak defends himself. He tells inspector that its clearly someone’s plan, someone planted this to defame him. He says someone from my family did this. Inspector says illegal wine is found in your car, we can’t leave you. Harak goes with the police. Preeto stays calm on Harak’s arrest. Preeto has to get Harman home. Harak plays along, as he also wants Harman to come back home.


Chakor and Suraj have romance in the jungle. Their hearts got united. All their misunderstandings planted by Imli ends. They have crossed a long way to get together. They have a good moment of peace. They got free from Ranvijay. They want to get small happiness. Chakor gets dizzy, as she is pregnant. Suraj takes care of her. He lifts her. He regrets that he has done wrong with her, by not taking care of her. Chakor tells him that she is worried, as she can’t run in her pregnant state, she can never take part in any race now.

Kumkum Bhagya:

Pragya has belief in her love, that Abhi will never let her fail. Abhi falls in huge dilemma over Pragya and Munni’s identity clash. He doesn’t know what to believe, who to believe and what to do. Abhi gets numb. Dadi asks her to get his anger out. Abhi gets a heartbreak again. He feels he is very unlucky as everyone cheats him. He doesn’t know why Pragya cheated him. He thinks where is his Pragya. His heart shatters thinking if Pragya is alive, fine or not. He fails to see Pragya’s truth in his eyes.

Rishton Ka Chakravyuh:
Sudha doesn’t let Narottam heal his wounds, so that he always remembers the pain and keeps the revenge fire blazing in heart. Satrupa comes to ease Narottam’s pain. Narottam doesn’t want to change his heart for Lal Mahal people. Anami collects some pictures from Vatsalya’s room. She meets Adhiraj, and handsover the pictures and data hoping that can help him in solving Vatsalya’s case. Adhiraj applauds her for the work and promises to nab Vatsalya’s murderer soon. Anami gets keen to expose the culprits. Dada ji tries to make Sudha away from the house. He comes up with a deal for Sudha, hoping she will take her stake and leave from the family.






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