Jungle fun and romance for SuKor next in Udaan

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Ranvijay ties up Suraj. He troubles Suraj and Chakor. He wants to kill Suraj and take revenge. Suraj is helpless. Ranvijay tells Suraj why he wants revenge from him. Suraj explains him that he is innocent, he is not responsible for his dad’s murder. Chakor comes in between to save Suraj. Ranvijay slaps her. He hurts Chakor. Suraj breaks the ropes. He beats Ranvijay. Suraj and Chakor hug. Ranvijay fights with Suraj. Suraj succeeds to expose Ranvijay.

Suraj and Chakor leave for Aazaadgunj. Chakor and Suraj have romance in the jungle. Their hearts got united. All their misunderstandings planted by Imli ends. They have crossed a long way to get together. They have a good moment of peace. They got free from Ranvijay. They want to get small happiness. Chakor gets dizzy, as she is pregnant. Suraj takes care of her. He lifts her. He regrets that he has done wrong with her, by not taking care of her. Chakor tells him that she is worried, as she can’t run in her pregnant state, she can never take part in any race now.

Suraj tells her that once baby comes, he will take care of baby, and she can focus on her career again. She gets happy. He tells her that he is a supporting husband. They leave for Aazaadgunj. The cab driver gets into a fight with someone. Police arrests the driver. Suraj tries to get lift. Chakor feels nausea. She refuses to go by car. They get walking. He asks her to enjoy the free air. Chakor goes ahead. Suraj looks for her. She sits on the bench and rests. He asks her what is she doing, where did she go. She says I m tired now. The flowers fall on them. The lovers get lost in the jungle. They have romance. Suraj tells her that he has no mood to go to the village.






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