Kanak cages Aditya in Uma’s clutches in Tu Sooraj…

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Uma forces Aditya to touch Maasi’s feet. Aditya does drama of memory loss. He tells them that he has lost his memory. He acts that he is Vicky. Kanak knows Aditya and Maasi’s truth. She knows Aditya is acting to have a different identity. She also plays a game with them. She gets Aditya in Uma’s hands. Aditya acts weird. He refuses to know anyone in family. He says I don’t know why this woman is claiming to be my mom. He shows attitude and tells them that he can never belong to a villager family.

Uma tells Maasi that Aditya has lost memory in his accident happened eight years ago. Aditya asks them is this a house or a hut. He refuses to stay with them. Kanak wants to secure Uma. Uma tells Aditya that he will treat him now and get his memory back. Aditya says I m fine, I don’t need any treatment. Uma stops him from leaving. Maasi is trying to hurt the family. Kanak is replying to her in her own style. She will be exposing Aditya soon. Maasi does Aditya’s aarti.

Kanak teaches a lesson to Aditya. She has failed Maasi’s efforts. Maasi wanted Aditya to live life in his own way. Aditya didn’t wish to follow the customs in Uma’s house. Uma tells Maasi that he will make her get her son back soon. He promises Maasi that she will soon see a changed Aditya. Maasi can’t tell Uma that Aditya is fine. She doesn’t know what to do. Uma tells Aditya that he has to stay here now. Kanak tells Aditya that his memory will come back when he drinks Uma’s bitter kada. Aditya is a spoilt brat. Uma will get strict and trouble him. Uma gets trusting Kanak again.


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