Kartik to plan Naira’s birthday celebrations in Yeh Rishta…

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Naira doesn’t forgive Kartik. Suwarna wishes their terms get better. Kartik meets Naira at the mall and plans a huge surprise. He performs a flash mob to convince her. Naksh wants Kirti’s boutique to be one of the best boutiques in city. Kirti thanks him for fulfilling her dreams. Kartik tries hard and clears all the misunderstandings between Naira and him. Kartik’s emotions touches her heart. Naira forgives him finally. The lovers unite. Kirti sees Naksh’s sweet gestures and get happy. Naksh makes sure she stays happy.

Kartik tells Naira that they are too perfect so they catch bad sight, such little fights is to keep the fun in their relation. They promise they will not stay annoyed again. They spend some good moments after a long time.

Kartik and Naira come home, and receive a good news of Kartik’s successful project. Naira gets reminded by Naitik about her birthday. Naitik wants her birthday to be special. Naira plans a grand birthday celebrations. She tells Kartik about her birthday. He pulls her leg and tells her that he has to focus on his new project. She asks him to take some time out for her birthday. Kartik lies to her and starts planning for her birthday.

Singhanias also plan Naira’s birthday. Kartik joins them to make her birthday memorable. Kartik suggests they should celebrate her birthday in Singhania house. Singhanias get happy to get Kartik on their side. Naira stays happy. She doesn’t want anything to spoil her mood. Kartik and Naira share a talk. Kartik is happy seeing Naksh and Kirti’s sweet and true bond. Kartik and Naksh promise each other that they will always remain friends. Kartik asks Naksh to help him in planning Naira’s birthday party. Kartik wants to make her birthday the best one.


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