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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Bhallas’ lives change in two years. Shagun gets Raman to Budapest for business work, so that his life gets back on track. She stays hopeful that Raman will live life in a happy way again. She thinks Ishita is still in jail. She feels Raman has tolerated a lot in life till now. She wants happiness to knock in Raman’s life again. Ruhi parts ways with family. She becomes Raman’s biggest business rival. Bhallas miss out Iyers, who were their neighbors and relatives till now.

Meri Durga:

Sanjay and Durga get married in front of their families. Durga tells her family that this step is very important to save them. Sanjay points a gun at himself. He stops his parents from creating any hurdle. Durga risks her life and marries Sanjay. Sanjay makes marriage vows to Durga. He assures Durga’s family that he will always keep them happy. Durga believes Sanjay will make her fulfill all her dreams. Sanjay and Durga have a dramatic filmi wedding. Sanjay shocks his parents by his move. Rajveer refuses to accept the marriage. Durga’s family bless her and do her bidaai with Sanjay. It becomes a heartbreaking moment for the family.


Rudra gets too emotional when his brothers don’t give him time. Rudra tells Dadi that he is finding his brothers getting away, since they got married. He expresses his sorrow. Dadi tries to explain him that his brothers have to give time to wives too. Rudra gets saddened. Dadi tells her that his brothers will always love him. She asks him to always love Shivay and Omkara. She says old relations get strong when new ones are made. She defends Anika and Gauri, who are good hearted, and won’t steal his brothers.


Naira doesn’t forgive Kartik. Suwarna wishes their terms get better. Kartik meets Naira at the mall and plans a huge surprise. He performs a flash mob to convince her. Naksh wants Kirti’s boutique to be one of the best boutiques in city. Kirti thanks him for fulfilling her dreams. Kartik tries hard and clears all the misunderstandings between Naira and him. Kartik’s emotions touches her heart. Naira forgives him finally. The lovers unite. Kirti sees Naksh’s sweet gestures and get happy. Naksh makes sure she stays happy.

Rishton Ka Chakravyuh:

Adhiraj falls in love with Anami. He gets restless to meet her. Anami asks him to meet the next day. Satrupa sympathizes with Narottam. She sees his wounds fresh. He tells her what Sudha told him to bear the pain. She does the aid to his wounds. She tells him that wounds and pain make a person hollow within. She tells him that Sudha’s thinking is wrong, as person can win in a peaceful way, without hurting anyone. Narottam sees Satrupa’s humble side for the first time.

Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara:

Rehaan meets Ahana and returns her bracelet. She gets thankful to him for returning it. She was doubting him that he is after Saloni again. Rehaan clears the air. Ahana gets emotional seeing the bracelet. He knows the bracelet is special for her. Gupta learns about Tarun and Rekha giving three crores to Laila to let the marriage happen. He gets upset when his family dupes him for money. He tells Rekha that they have encouraged greedy Laila by feeding her money. He decides to disown Tarun, so that Tarun doesn’t get any other chance to dupe him for Saloni’s sake.


Avni suggests Neil to change Vidyut’s thinking than punishing him. She feels its very tough to change Vidyut. She tells Neil that they have to save Mishti and also limit Juhi from inviting risks by losing her control on emotions. She asks Neil to talk to Juhi and explain her the risk. Avni feels sorry for Mishti. She wants Mishti to have a good childhood. Avni tries to end Bebe’s annoyance. She tells Neil that the family has to forgive them for their big lies. Neil meets Juhi and asks her not to reveal the truth to Mishti that she is her mum, as Mishti may not accept the big change easily. Juhi feels bad seeing Mishti loving Avni. Juhi tries to become Mishti’s friend.





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