Laila-Anant-Ahana’s proposal twist in Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara

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Rehaan meets Ahana and returns her bracelet. She gets thankful to him for returning it. She was doubting him that he is after Saloni again. Rehaan clears the air. Ahana gets emotional seeing the bracelet. He knows the bracelet is special for her. Gupta learns about Tarun and Rekha giving three crores to Laila to let the marriage happen. He gets upset when his family dupes him for money. He tells Rekha that they have encouraged greedy Laila by feeding her money. He decides to disown Tarun, so that Tarun doesn’t get any other chance to dupe him for Saloni’s sake.

Laila finds a way to handle all her loans. She plans to marry Anant to secure her life. Laila gets set to proposal Anant. Ahana wants to set everything right. She doesn’t want to let Laila win in her plans. She writes a letter for Anant, to reveal the truth. She thinks of meeting him and handing over the letter, to reveal Laila’s selfish motives to him. She hopes Anant will refuse to Laila’s proposal.

Anant goes to meet Ahana. Anant’s sister comes home. Roshni gets glad by her coming. Roshni shares her concern with her Bua, what Laila is approaching Anant. Bua laughs off and trusts Anant, who would never fell for someone like Laila Raichand. Anant prepares to propose Ahana. Ahana keeps the letter for him. She asks him to finish off his matter first. Anant gets hesitant, and then proposes Ahana. Ahana was thinking if he is deciding to marry Laila. She gets a huge shock by his love confession. Her silence leaves him in an odd situation.





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