Maasa puts Adhiraj in a fix in Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre

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Adhiraj sees Devi praying. He gets tilak applied by her hands by mistake. He lets it stay. He allows Devi to do puja anytime, whenever she likes. He tells her that she can do puja before he goes office. Devi gets surprised, while Maasa gets angry. She sends Devi to the office, to prove she is inauspicious for Adhiraj. She believes Adhiraj will lose trust on Devi. Maasa tells Urmi that she has sent Devi to Adhiraj to anger him. She says her son will be coming back from office, he will know Devi is not his good luck. Adhiraj tells Maasa that his company didn’t get the tender. Maasa explains Adhiraj that Devi is not lucky for him.

Devi comes home. Maasa creates trouble for her. Maasa breaks a glass and asks Devi to walk over the glass pieces. Devi is facing Maasa’s hatred. Maasa crosses limits by torturing her. Devi has gone through a lot of pain. Devi gets an idea to spread her dupatta over the glass pieces and clearing the way for her. She enters the house. Maasa will not melt for Devi soon. Devi stays cool and tells Maasa that she has tolerated many troubles in her life, and now its just happy time for her. She challenges Maasa.






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