Neil lays a smart trap for Vidyut in Naamkarann

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Avni tells Neil that Juhi has got annoyed with Mishti and left the house. She says I have looked for Juhi everywhere and didn’t get her. Neil asks did Juhi go mad to leave like this, her life is in danger, if anyone identifies her, she will get killed. Avni worries for Juhi. Neil finds Juhi’s phone outside and thinks she has got kidnapped. He asks DD to find Juhi fast, as she is declared dead for the world. He doesn’t want the truth to come out.

Avni makes custard for Mishti. She dumps it, thinking Mishti is loving her more than Juhi, who is getting insecure. Avni is trying to bring Mishti closer to Juhi, while Mishti is going away from Juhi. Neil finds Avni upset. He buys a gown for her. He wants to gift her and confess his feelings to her. Neil prepares his love confession. Neil wants to make Avni happy. He gets rehearsing that he can’t think of anyone else than her. Neil understands Avni well.

Mishti plays hide and seek with Avni. Vidyut escapes from Neil’s sight. He comes to meet Mishti. He finds her in cupboard and ends the game. Mishti gets scared seeing him. She apologizes to him. Vidyut tells her that he is her dad and she can never get away from him. Vidyut manages to leave.

Neil makes a plan to nab Ragini pandit by using Vidyut. Neil tracks his location by fixing a tracker in Vidyut’s watch. Vidyut meets his mum at the hideout. Neil and his team reach there. Neil succeeds in his motive. He arrests Vidyut and his mum. Vidyut gets trapped. Vidyut tells Neil that he is not a fool, he has fell in the trap only by his wish. Vidyut wants to get free of the charges by taking his lawyer’s help. Vidyut denies all the blames on him. Neil doesn’t want Vidyut’s goons to get after his family. Neil realizes his family is in danger. He has to save them from Vidyut’s madness.





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