Parth makes a promise to Teni in Dil Se Dil Tak

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Parth and Teni come closer whole caring for the coming child. Parth sees the baby’s mum Shorvori in Teni. Shorvori’s memories are breaking down Parth. He wants to make her memories his strength, but her absence is making him saddened to the core. Parth talks to his wife and child. Teni thinks Parth is agreeing to her because he cares for her. She assumes Parth is coming out of the sorrow.

Parth tells the family that he can’t marry Teni, but she will be called the baby’s mum. He can’t give Shorvori’s place to her. They want to raise the child together. Teni tells Indu that Parth promised her that he will always stand with her. Teni says I m taking care of baby well, baby kicks me a lot and doesn’t let me sleep. Indu and Teni have a sweet talk. Parth promises the family that he will always support Teni as a friend, not as a husband.






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