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Piya to mesmerize the Obros in Ishqbaaz

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Rudra dances with Piya. They have a dramatic filmi dance in his dream. Rudra turns romantic hero. Rudra is attracted to Piya. He is enjoying his bachelorhood. He doesn’t know Pinky’s friend is planning against them. Everyone dines together. They get a big shock on seeing Piya home. They didn’t know she will come home. They fear she has come to tell everyone what happened. Omkara and Shivay try to handle the situation. Anika, Gauri and Bhavya have doubt on them. Piya teases them.

They follow Piya to know if she is really there. Piya spreads her charm. She sees Shivay following. Shivay acts to get on a call. Anika observes Shivay’s behavior. Obros get smitten by Piya. They see dreams with her. Anika, Gauri and Bhavya ask them why are they staring at Piya. Rudra wants to date Piya. Piya has mesmerized them. Piya is manipulating them. The girls don’t know if Piya is a new problem for them. The girls scold the guys and ask them to change. Piya says I know the Oberois, as they are very famous. The guys try to hide the Goa incident.


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