Shakti: From Harak’s arrest to Harman’s love test

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Harak gets arrested. Harman calls police to send Harak to jail. He doesn’t want to bear Harak and Mohini’s affair. Harman frames Harak by keeping wine bottles in his car. Harak defends himself. He tells inspector that its clearly someone’s plan, someone planted this to defame him. He says someone from my family did this. Inspector says illegal wine is found in your car, we can’t leave you. Harak goes with the police. Preeto stays calm on Harak’s arrest. Preeto has to get Harman home. Harak plays along, as he also wants Harman to come back home.

Harman’s parents are doing this drama to get him. Harak and Preeto’s setup succeeds. Harak can do anything to get Harman. Harak rules in his locality. No one can arrest him or frame him, but Harak is happy that Harman is standing with Preeto.

After Harak goes, Harman takes care of Preeto like before. He doesn’t want Preeto to feel lonely. Soumya calls him. Preeto gets upset. Harman decides to make Mohini out of the house. Harak has kept constables for Mohini’s security. Preeto is happy that Harman stayed back at home. Harman thinks of Soumya. He goes to meet Soumya at kinners house. The kinners gives him a tough task to trouble him. They make him wash clothes. Harman sits washing clothes. He says everyone will remember I have washed clothes to succeed in love, my story will be more interesting than other lovers. He stays determined and keeps his words, that he can do anything for Soumya.






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