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Ranvijay ties up Suraj. He troubles Suraj and Chakor. He wants to kill Suraj and take revenge. Suraj is helpless. Ranvijay tells Suraj why he wants revenge from him. Suraj explains him that he is innocent, he is not responsible for his dad’s murder. Chakor comes in between to save Suraj. Ranvijay slaps her. He hurts Chakor. Suraj breaks the ropes. He beats Ranvijay. Suraj and Chakor hug. Ranvijay fights with Suraj. Suraj succeeds to expose Ranvijay.

Woh Apna Sa:
Jia saves Samar and Nisha’s lives. She hides from police to keep her identity under wraps. Arjun takes them to the hospital. Jia secures Kakimaa’s life too. Jia then seeks revenge from Nisha, who planned to kill Kakimaa and fell in danger. Arjun tells Nisha that he has saved her and Samar by risking his life just to win her trust. Samar doesn’t believe Arjun. Jia turns into Jhanvi’s ghost. She scares Nisha. She asks her not to hurt her family. She tells Nisha that she will be punished for her sins now. Nisha can’t believe her eyes. Jia hears Babasa and understands he is captive in Nisha’s house.

Kundali Bhagya:
Sherlyn hides her boyfriend from everyone. She lies to everyone and tries to leave for home soon. Rishabh insists he will drop her. Karan and Preeta try to find Prithvi. Rishabh drops Sherlyn home. Sherlyn tries to stop him. She gets a shock seeing the lock broken. Rishabh asks her if her mum is at home. Sherlyn gets worried thinking of answering Rishabh and hiding Prithvi.

Tu Aashiqui:
Ahaan confesses love to Pankti. Vikram’s marriage preparations go on. Ahaan waits for Pankti’s answer. Pankti rejects to his proposal. Richa and Vikram get married. Anita doesn’t want Pankti to meet JD in his house. She keeps Pankti away from mandap. Anita lies to everyone. JD knows Pankti is here. Pankti doesn’t know JD is Ahaan’s uncle. Pankti reveals to Ahaan that Anita has sold her to someone, and now she has no right to dream, love or marry.

Ishq Mein Marjawa:
Aarohi wants to find Sanaya. She looks for clues. She goes to check the cupboard. Deep tries to stop her from checking the cupboard. Deep hides Sanaya. He doesn’t want Aarohi to find Sanaya.

Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre:
Devi comes home. Maasa creates trouble for her. Maasa breaks a glass and asks Devi to walk over the glass pieces. Devi is facing Maasa’s hatred. Maasa crosses limits by torturing her. Devi has gone through a lot of pain. Devi gets an idea to spread her dupatta over the glass pieces and clearing the way for her. She enters the house. Maasa will not melt for Devi soon. Maasa tells Urmi that she has sent Devi to Adhiraj to anger him. She says her son will be coming back from office, he will know Devi is not his good luck. Adhiraj tells Maasa that his company didn’t get the tender. Maasa explains Adhiraj that Devi is not lucky for him. Devi stays cool and tells Maasa that she has tolerated many troubles in her life, and now its just happy time for her. She challenges Maasa.

Piyaa Albela:

Naren worries thinking Pooja has won the two conditions. Naren thinks what to do to trouble Pooja. Their challenge is going on. She knows Naren doesn’t want her to win. She tells Naren that she wants him to win, as she loves him. Naren is taking her tests, as he also loves her, which is suppressed by his anger. Naren has kept a third condition, in which Pooja wins again. Naren has realized what wrong he was doing. Mama ji slaps Naren and scolds him. He says you wanted to show truth to Pooja in these mirrors, the fact is the time has come when you see your truth in it. He asks Naren to realize what he has done. Mama ji feeds some sense in his mind.

Chandar is ready to do anything to win. He tells Jagan that Raj will die, and then Mannu’s happiness will also end. Mannu runs to the temple and prays for Raj. Mannu also gets affected by the epidemic. Raj is thrown out of the hospital. Before he could reach Mannu, Chandar’s men hide Raj away. Mannu doesn’t want Raj to bear the punishment, as he is innocent. Raj faints in the temple. Raj battles for his life.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Ishita prefers to bear the legal punishment for Pihu’s sake. Parmeet learns the truth that Ishita is saving someone and took the blame on herself. Ashok rescues Ishita by re-opening her case after a year. Ishita had asked Raman to forget her forever since she will be sticking to her decision. She didn’t knew her words will turn true. Ishita flies to Budapest with Ashok on a work trip, while Raman and his entire family travel to Budapest. The family accompanies Raman on his work trip.


Oberoi brothers just want to see Piya. Piya shows her dancing skills. They have already met her in Goa, and also fell in trouble. Despite all that occurred, they still tend to believe Piya is an innocent and sweet girl. Piya has come to stay in Oberoi mansion. She is participating in an event, and gets preparing for it. Piya’s style, beauty and charm even strikes Anika, Gauri and Bhavya.

Meri Durga:
Durga and Sanjay get married. Sanjay tells Durga that he is protecting her family by this step. Durga feels her family will always be safe now. She believes in Sanjay. Sanjay and Durga come home, and he plans her Grah pravesh. She gets a shock seeing the upsetting series of events.






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