Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ishita to meet Raman in Budapest

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Bhallas’ lives change in two years. Shagun gets Raman to Budapest for business work, so that his life gets back on track. She stays hopeful that Raman will live life in a happy way again. She thinks Ishita is still in jail. She feels Raman has tolerated a lot in life till now. She wants happiness to knock in Raman’s life again. Ruhi parts ways with family. She becomes Raman’s biggest business rival. Bhallas miss out Iyers, who were their neighbors and relatives till now.

Bhallas face a tough time after their family shatters. Shagun tries to take Raman to a doctor, to get his memory back. Raman doesn’t remember anything. He lives a dull life. He stays positive. Shagun fears that his depression is ruining his happiness. Raman stays happy to show the world. He doesn’t have any interest in talking to family. Shagun takes care of him. Raman still handles his business well. He doesn’t know what is Ruhi up to. Shagun informs Bhallas that Raman will recover soon. Bhallas miss Ishita, but also hate her for Ananya’s death. Bhallas do a puja for Raman’s welfare.

Romi believes that the family got ruined, just because of Ishita’s absence. He feels they were unfair towards Ishita. He says everyone has left the business in Parmeet’s hand, who has just got losses for them. Simmi, Adi and Aaliya stay with Raman in Budapest. Everyone misses Ishita, except Simmi. Shagun tells Adi that Raman is fine now, but he may not be fine. She informs them that Ruhi didn’t tell them and arrived here. Ruhi tries to cancel the business deals for Raman. Ruhi gives a tough competition to Raman. Adi gets stressed about work. Ashok prepares Ishita to meet their new business associate Raman. Ashok decides to have a business tie up with Raman.


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