Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Raman fails to recognize Ishita

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Ishita prefers to bear the legal punishment for Pihu’s sake. Parmeet learns the truth that Ishita is saving someone and took the blame on herself. Ashok rescues Ishita by re-opening her case after a year. Ishita had asked Raman to forget her forever since she will be sticking to her decision. She didn’t knew her words will turn true. Ishita flies to Budapest with Ashok on a work trip, while Raman and his entire family travel to Budapest. The family accompanies Raman on his work trip.

Raman meets Ishita, his new business investor. He fails to recognize her. He tells her that he feels like he has a strong bond with her, though he doesn’t recognize her. Ishita gets a shock talking to him. She didn’t know Raman will really forget her. Raman suffers from partial memory loss. Ishita then learns that Raman is given wrong medication by Simmi, which made him lose his memory. She gets determined to save Raman from Simmi’s revenge motives. Ishita then meets Bhallas and realizes the family has become much dysfunctional. Ishita steps back in Raman’s life to help him recover. She tries to bring Raman and Bhallas back on track. Raman and Ishita’s love story begins again. Will Ishita succeed to counter Simmi’s hatred? Keep reading.


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