Ashok fixes IshRa’s much awaited meet in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Ishita prepares to meet Raman. She gets too nervous to face him. She doesn’t know how will Raman react on seeing her with Ashok. Ashok tells her that they can cancel the meeting. Ishita tells him that she wants to get back in her family. She thanks Ashok for helping her in freeing her from jail and changing her life. She gets deeply grateful to him. She feels everything changed in two years. Ashok asks her to think of her family and focus. She tells him that Raman would have ruined his life if she told him the truth. Ashok tells her that he has a big reason for his change of heart. She sympathizes with Ashok, who is at his last phase of life. He asks Ishita to get ready and meet Raman.

Simmi bosses around. She asks Shagun to give medicines to Raman on time. Shagun goes to meet the investors. Simmi throws attitude. Shagun gets worried because of Ruhi. Iyers don’t know about Ishita getting free from jail. They still try to meet Ishita and know the truth of Ananya’s death. Adi assures that he will stop Ruhi from creating a mess. Shagun informs Raman that Ruhi is in Budapest. Ruhi competes with Raman. She challenges him to better watch out.

On the other hand, Romi gets angered when Parmeet heads Raman’s company and doesn’t let anyone interfere. Adi asks Ruhi to see Raman’s state, he is not at fault that she is taking revenge from him. He explains her that she is breaking the family more. Ruhi tells him that Raman doesn’t have any affection for her now. She wants to prove Raman and Adi wrong. Bala learns Ishita is released from jail one month ago. He gets a surprise. Bala gets a shock knowing Ashok Khanna freed Ishita from jail. Ishita gains courage to meet Raman. Ishita and Raman have a meet after a long time. Ishita hugs Raman. She then gets a shock when Raman treats her like a stranger. Ruhi and Adi meet Ishita. Simmi gets upset seeing Ishita back.


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