Devi gets spying on Adhiraj in Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre


Maasa’s plan to change Adhiraj’s mind about Devi gets working. She wants to hold Devi responsible for the loss. Devi is glad seeing Adhiraj respected and praised by the office staff. She sees his new side, when people regard him Lord. She gets hopeful that he will change. Adhiraj gets angry on Devi. Maasa tries to create differences between them. Devi finds Adhiraj’s documents and goes to his office to hand it over to him. Maasa is sure that Adhiraj will hate Devi more. Maasa troubles Devi. She keeps a tough challenge for Devi.

Devi uses her smartness and clears the glass pieces spread by Maasa on the floor. Devi gets inside the house and tells Maasa that nothing can stop happiness coming her way now. Devi tries to know Adhiraj’s wound secret. She fixes a spycam in the bathroom to learn about his wound. She wants to know if Adhiraj has given a wound to himself. She forgets to apply tilak to him. Adhiraj reminds her applying tilak. He leaves for office. Devi gets spying. She hides under the bed and sees Adhiraj working out. Maasa tells him that Devi has run away from the house. Devi worries hearing their conversation. She leaves from the room and tells them that she was just at home, she didn’t go anywhere.


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