Piyaa Albela: Pooja’s final test to prove her loyalty

Naren plays a prank on Meghna

Rahul takes advantage of Naren’s hatred. He enjoys Pooja’s dance and makes sure Mr. Kapoor becomes the part of the event. He tells Mr. Kapoor that they will cheat Naren in such a way that Naren and Pooja will get separated forever. Mr. Kapoor gets glad that his dream to get Pooja will get fulfilled. Naren can’t believe he has fallen so low and insulted his own love. Naren punishes himself by lying in cold water. He gets back his senses. He regrets for his bad behavior. Mama ji takes Pooja home. Naren sheds tears sitting in darkness. He falls in his own eyes. Pooja too cries, failing to everyone’s expectations. Naren repents for his mistakes. He wanted to hurt Pooja, and got hurt instead. He has much pain in his heart. He sinks in the water tub, and recalls all the bad doings.

Mama ji couldn’t see Naren making Pooja dancing in the party. He was shocked seeing Naren’s move. He doesn’t want her to go back to Vyas mansion. Mami locks Pooja in the room. They want to keep Pooja in home and end everything. Pooja is adamant to go back. Pooja keeps knocking the door and cries.

Pooja runs from the window. She reaches Naren. She finds him upset. Rahul frames Pooja again. Naren’s trust on Pooja shakes up again. Pooja doesn’t know what did Rahul lie to Naren. Pooja tells Naren that she has come back to complete the last challenge, she will not get back. She sees Naren crying. She feels he has melted his heart.


Pooja and Naren reach the last challenge. Pooja gives a rose to him, and gives him good wishes for his marriage with Surbhi. Pooja is confident to give her fourth test. She is sure that she will win, as Naren has realized that she is true. Naren and Pooja’s last test will be interesting. Naren is bit convinced that her love is loyal towards him. He raises a toast for Surbhi and his marriage. Pooja wants him to stay happy. She tells him that when dreams break, it hurts a lot. Naren will be marrying Pooja again.


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