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Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre:
Maasa’s plan to change Adhiraj’s mind about Devi gets working. She wants to hold Devi responsible for the loss. Devi is glad seeing Adhiraj respected and praised by the office staff. She sees his new side, when people regard him Lord. She gets hopeful that he will change. Adhiraj gets angry on Devi. Maasa tries to create differences between them. Devi finds Adhiraj’s documents and goes to his office to hand it over to him. Maasa is sure that Adhiraj will hate Devi more. Maasa troubles Devi. She keeps a tough challenge for Devi.


Neil gets in his ACP avatar and turns Avni serious by taking her to the police station. Avni doesn’t know what Neil wants to do. They have a cute moment when Neil interrogates her about her case and then breaks the suspense. He tells her that she did a crime to make him fall in love. He proposes Avni in a unique way. He asks Avni can I arrest you forever. Avni gives her nod. The couple unites. Neil and Avni romance. They both express feelings for each other. Back at home, Neil plans a surprise for her. They have a romantic dance. Vidyut breaks into their romance. He wants to get revenge from them.


Ranvijay forcibly tries to marry Chakor. Chakor shouts to Suraj to get up and stop this disaster. Suraj gets up to fight again. Suraj beats up Ranvijay. He says you can never marry Chakor, I will burn your funeral here. Suraj gets the gun and stops the guards. He tells Ranvijay that one bullet is enough to kill him, though he deserves many bullets for every torture done on others. He breaks Ranvijay’s dreams of killing them. Suraj teaches a lesson to Ranvijay. Chakor is glad that Suraj made Ranvijay’s family free. Chakor and Suraj’s cute fights will be seen again.

Ishq Mein Marjawa:
Aarohi is very tensed. She runs home and faints in shock. Deep holds her. He tries to make her conscious. She has got a huge shock by seeing Sanaya’s dead body buried outside. Aarohi gets conscious and tells everyone that Sanaya is dead.


Piya challenges the Oberois brothers to remember what happened in Goa. She reminds them everything. She says they may be not scared of her, but they will be scared of their wives. The video has the party moments recorded. Anika and Gauri talk to Piya. Shivay and Omkara get worried. Rudra covers up the matter. Anika asks them why did they get silent seeing them. Rudra takes the phone from Piya. He says she was showing us some choreography moves. The guys lie to Anika and Gauri. They try to settle the deal with Piya to hide the truth.

Kaal Bhairav Rahasya:
Rahul is finding Indra’s murder truth. He tries to find the secret of the Kaal Bhairav temple. The villagers keep saying about the devotional aspects and Kaal Bhairav’s wrath. Rahul doesn’t want to believe anything, as he believes no Lord can kill an innocent human. He promises Indra’s family that he will get the entire truth out. Namrata comes forward to support Rahul.

Kumkum Bhagya:
Pragya gets Abhi’s order to leave the house. Purab gets worried and tries hard to reach home. He wants to solve the mess happening because of Aaliya and Tanu. He fails to get the tickets. He doesn’t want Abhi’s life to shatter again. Purab feels sorry for Pragya. He learns Abhi has made Pragya out of the house. He tells Disha that he is trying to reach home soon. Disha informs him that Pragya has gone, and no one stopped her. Purab fears Abhi and Pragya’s relation will get ruined. Disha tries to explain Abhi that Pragya is true. Aaliya and Tanu follow Pragya to clear doubts about her identity. Aaliya explains her plan to find Pragya’s truth. Abhi feels Pragya was acting. Disha tells him that Pragya had much belief in his love, so she didn’t feel the need to give any proof to him. She asks him to ask his heart and identify his Pragya.


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