High Five Spoilers

Ishqbaaz Internet Wala Love

Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre:
Devi shows her bravery when Maasa asks her to walk over the glass pieces and come ahead. Maasa asks Adhiraj about his work. Adhiraj sounds happy. He still feels Devi is lucky. Maasa plans to do something. Devi tries to know Adhiraj’s wound. He desperately finds her at home. Maasa plays safe seeing Devi winning his heart. Devi gets food for Adhiraj in office. She drops her phone and takes Adhiraj’s blessings by touching his feet. She respects him. She realizes he has hurt himself after hurting her. She starts falling in love with him. She feels he is a good human being. After Devi leaves, Adhiraj gets a bad news that his godown caught fire. Maasa has done this. She wants to prove Devi is unlucky for him.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

After getting humiliated, Aryan decides to take revenge from Kartik. Kartik tells Naira that they didn’t get ample time to express love, but from now on, all his life moments are dedicated to her. Naira and Kartik spend some time. Aryan does their car accident to injure Kartik. Kartik gets a shock when he sees Naira’s accident. Aryan then learns Kartik was not inside the car. The time gets tough for Naira and Kartik. Aryan’s one mistakes takes a toll on Naira’s life.

Sasural Simar Ka:
Roshni has given the jewelry to someone, mistaken that the lady is Mata ji. Mata ji asks Roshni to give the jewelry safe, so that they can deposit the jewelry in the bank. Roshni says jewelry has gone missing. Roshni tells her that she doesn’t have the jewelry as she has already given it to her. Mata ji gets angry on her. She asks Roshni if she is in her senses. She says you always break my trust doing such things. Roshni explains her. Piyush comes to know the matter. Mata ji complains about Roshni’s carelessness. Piyush tries to console Roshni. Mata ji says we lost the ancestral because of her. Mata ji regrets that she has hurried to give the responsibility to Roshni.

Piyaa Albela:

Naren takes Pooja for the last test. She tells him that it will be his test of love. Naren stoops to a new level. Naren asks Pooja to celebrate for his marriage with Surbhi. Pooja gifts him a rose in return. Pooja and Naren have the final challenge. She tells him that it really hurt when dreams break. She challenges that she will not let the marriage happen. She plays with fire, but is determined of her victory.


Suraj and Chakor get a chance to romance in the jungle. They fall short of money. Chakor argues with him that he didn’t carry enough money for their travel. He tells her that he didn’t wish to borrow money from Ranvijay’s mum. He tells he has booked the cab till Aazaadgunj and thought they won’t need any money now. She calls him foolish. She gets tired of walking. Suraj lifts her and walks. He tries to get lift. Chakor gets happy seeing his care. They cutely romance. A truck drives towards them. Suraj moves Chakor in time and saves her. He shouts to the truck driver. They get saved from the trouble. Chakor is sure that nothing can happen to her till Suraj is with her.

Kundali Bhagya:
Sherlyn wants to take revenge from Preeta. She asks Prithvi to ruin Preeta’s life by marrying her. Prithvi manages to hide his truth from everyone. He is ready to do anything for Sherlyn. He meets Sarla and prepones the marriage, so that Preeta doesn’t get back. Sarla agrees to Prithvi after getting convinced with the pandit and mahurat story. Rishabh and Karan learn about Preeta’s roka and get a shock. They both don’t want Preeta to marry Prithvi.


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