Suraj and Chakor’s journey gets memorable in Udaan


Suraj and Chakor get a chance to romance in the jungle. They fall short of money. Chakor argues with him that he didn’t carry enough money for their travel. He tells her that he didn’t wish to borrow money from Ranvijay’s mum. He tells he has booked the cab till Aazaadgunj and thought they won’t need any money now. The taxi meets with an accident. The driver beats someone, and gets arrested by police.

Suraj tells her its not his fault. She calls him foolish. She gets tired of walking. Suraj lifts her and walks. He tries to get lift. Chakor gets happy seeing his care. They cutely romance. A truck drives towards them. Suraj moves Chakor in time and saves her. He shouts to the truck driver. They get saved from the trouble. Chakor is sure that nothing can happen to her till Suraj is with her. Chakor enjoys the happy time with Suraj. They both are not aware of the truth about which Ranvijay was giving hint. Imli tries to create troubles for them. Suraj and Chakor get a lift by an old couple, who agrees to drop them to Aazaadgunj.


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