Woh Apna Sa: Hidden secrets and intentions

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Arjun tries to tell Nisha about Jia that he knows her. Nisha tells him that Jhanvi took her husband Aditya away, she broke her house and also snatched her children. She lies to him about Jhanvi trapping Aditya in love. Nisha cooks a fake story to show she is the victim. She tells him that Aditya wants to make Jhanvi away, but Jhanvi has killed him and lost her life too. Arjun sympathizes with her. He feels Jia is bad. He doesn’t tell Nisha so that he doesn’t lose money. He gets scared of Jia.

Nisha tells Arjun more about Aditya, Jhanvi and family. Nisha bribes Arjun to win his trust. She asks him to do their work in order to get money. Arjun gets greedy. Jia wants to make Samar away, before Nisha knows her secret. Arjun thinks to win Nisha’s truth by exposing Jia. Samar wants to kill Nisha, while Nisha wants to kill all three of them. They all are hiding some big secrets, plans and intentions.






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