Anami and Avdhoot to give a test in Rishton Ka Chakravyuh


Sudha acts clever again. She proves her innocence when Satrupa confronts her about Naina. Dadi tells Dada ji that Avdhoot is not suitable to take Vatsalya’s place. She asks him to consider Anami. Adhiraj makes a plan to catch the culprits. He is sure he won’t let Anami’s life fall in danger. Anami sees Satrupa in pain. Satrupa misses Vatsalya. Anami relieves Satrupa’s pain and makes her realize her similarity with Vatsalya. Anami takes care of Satrupa. Satrupa feels Anami is connecting to her pain. She finds a way by which she can change Anami’s thinking.

Anami also tries to find the info from Vatsalya’s old pictures. Adhiraj gets some info about a man who spied on Lal Mahal people. Adhiraj tries to track the man. Pujan suffers by the ant bites. Avdhoot doesn’t have any concern for him and gets hit. Pujan gets hopeful that Dada ji will soon declare Avdhoot as the heir.

Dada ji asks Anami about Sudha. She is determined to help Sudha in getting her rights. Dada ji gets upset with her. On Dadi’s saying, Dada ji takes test of Avdhoot and Anami. Anami passes in Dada ji’s answer by her honest and selfless thinking. Avdhoot disappoints Dada ji. He then tries hard to win Dada ji’s trust. Dada ji feels Avdhoot can stand for the family, while Anami will always think for others first. Dadi finds Anami’s thinking positive. Dada ji still tends to choose Avdhoot for the betterment of Lal Mahal. He tells if Anami supports Sudha, she can’t become their heir. Anami taunts Dada ji to be a wrong person. Dada ji finds Anami is at fault. Satrupa comes up with a solution to make Anami agree to them. She suggests they get Anami’s brother home, so that he can convey their message to her.


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