Arjun threatens to expose Jia’s plans in Woh Apna Sa


Kakimaa worries for Jia, who has risked her life by going back to Nisha. She fears Samar and Nisha can catch Jia. Jia tries to help Babasa and take him home to Kakimaa and Chini. Arjun dresses up as Aditya. He comes there to manage Babasa. Jia hides from Arjun, who is keen to do anything to win Nisha’s trust. Nisha shouts for help, getting scared by Jhanvi’s ghost. Jia succeeds to drive Nisha crazy by the thought of Jhanvi’s return. Nisha tells Jhanvi that even if she came back, she won’t be spared. Jia threatens Nisha of dire consequences.

Jia scares Nisha by getting a firetorch. Nisha tries to get saved. She runs around. Samar sees Jia and thinks Jhanvi is alive. Samar hides behind curtains. Nisha asks Samar to save her. Samar runs away. Nisha’s gets caught. She shouts. She tells Jhanvi that she will do as she says. Jia has to scare Nisha further. Nisha accepts her crimes. She slaps herself and repents. Jia asks her to repent as she says. Nisha promises. Jia asks her not to act smart. Nisha apologizes to Jia. Jia will not forgive her. Jia goes out to wash her hands. Arjun catches her and says I got to know you are not a ghost, why are you scaring Nisha. He asks him not to tell anything to Nisha. She gets worried that Arjun can tell truth to Nisha. There will be big twists in the party.


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