False accusation to break Teni’s heart in Dil Se Dil Tak


Parth blames Teni for Shorvori’s state. He asks her does she have any shame or not, how can she fall so low to do Shorvori’s accident. He sees the video of Shorvori’s accident. He tells her that her car has hit Shorvori’s car as seen in the video. He shows the video to the family. He tells everyone that she has done this to marry him and take Shorvori’s place. Teni was working hard to make his life come back on track, but this one video breaks Parth’s trust on Teni.

Parth asks Teni to answer him. Teni admits her car has hit Shorvori’s car. Parth asks the family did they wish to support Teni. Parth says I will get Teni punished, as she was involved in the accident. He rages in anger. He tells the family that he will not leave Teni, she wanted to become bahu of Bhanushali family, she has killed Shorvori. Dadi shows her belief in Teni. Parth claps and tells Teni that she has won, she made his family against her. Teni values friendship. She wanted to be with Parth and was willing to marry him on Shorvori’s saying. He is getting hurt and doubting on her. She doesn’t want this to happen. She tells Parth that she will get away if her presence hurts him. Parth tells her that she has snatched his world by killing Shorvori, and he will never forgive her for this.

Parth calls the police to get Teni arrested. He tells the family that he will not leave Shorvori’s culprit. The family tries to explain Parth to at least think of his child in Teni’s womb. They all believe Teni. Parth says my Shorvori didn’t die in an accident, Teni has killed her for her greedy motives. Teni gets hurt and falls. Parth asks her not to do this drama, as nothing can save her now. Teni tells him that he has gone mad to think such a wrong thing. Parth tells her that Teni loves the luxuries and money, she is greedy to stay in this rich house. Teni can’t tolerate his bad blames. Parth vents out anger on Teni.


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