Pooja to break Naren’s heart once again in Piyaa Albela


Naren cries when Pooja refuses to his love. Harish and Supriya try to console Naren. Pooja comes home to meet Naren. Naren begs Pooja to forgive him, and give him a chance to repent. Pooja holds the legal papers. She gets tearful eyes. Naren hugs Pooja and accepts his mistakes. His heart cries. Pooja gets blackmailed again. She has two options, either to accept Naren’s love or save his life. She faces the same saddening situation again. Naren has realized Pooja’s love is true. He proposes Pooja again. Rahul gives the evidence to Pooja, and tells her that the proof can make Naren land in jail. Rahul and Surbhi have framed Naren.

Pooja will be refusing to Naren’s marriage proposal again. Naren was already heartbroken, and this time he will be shattered completely. Pooja fears that she will be repeating her mistake by breaking Naren’s heart, but she has to save him from the legal mess. Pooja was waiting for this moment. Naren turns into an emotional man again, but a shock awaits him.


Pooja shocks Naren by giving the divorce papers. She refuses to accept him back in her life. She tells him that he can’t hurt her always. She tells Naren that she has given the four tests to make him realize his failure with interest. She tells Naren that she doesn’t love him, she was just settling scores with him. She takes the risk of heartbreak again. Naren gets raging and pushes her away. Mr. Kapoor reaches there to support Pooja. Pooja leaves with Mr. Kapoor. Two hearts break again. How will Naren deal with Mr. Kapoor’s madness? Will Naren learn Rahul and Surbhi’s evil? Keep reading.


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