Vidyut to target Avni’s weakness in Naamkarann


Neil unwillingly had to release Vidyut from jail. Vidyut gets free using his contacts. Avni and Juhi think Vidyut got arrested and go out to have panipuri. They are in the market and enjoy without any free. They shop diwali items for Mishti. Vidyut passes by, but misses to see Juhi. Neil comes home and worriedly tells the family that Vidyut got released. He asks about Avni and Juhi. He tells Bebe that there won’t be any Diwali party as Vidyut is on loose. They get worried and tell him that Avni and Juhi went to market. He tells how Vidyut proved his innocence and got free from the police.

Neil asks them how can they allow Juhi to go out like this, anything can happen to her. The family calms him down. Neil calls Avni and Juhi to ask them to come back soon. Vidyut’s sight doesn’t fall on the girls. Avni and Juhi reach home and face Neil’s anger. Neil asks them to know the danger over their heads.

Neil calls Avni careless to take Juhi out, knowing Ragini pandit is in town. Avni says but she is in jail. Neil says even then you could have taken Juhi after some days, what was the need to go today, Vidyut got released and he is roaming free. Avni gets annoyed that he didn’t inform them, and she learnt everything from Ali. Avni and Neil get into an argument. She gets upset with him and goes. Prakash calms down Neil. He tells him that his problem is Avni doesn’t listen to him, but every wife does so. He asks Neil to apologize to Avni. Prakash and Avni have a talk over coffee. Neil agrees to make up to Avni. Meanwhile, Vidyut decides to rock down their lives and take revenge. He decides to use Avni’s weakness Mishti to break Neil and Avni. There will be big revelation made, when Juhi will be seen working along Vidyut against Avni.


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