Aryan to learn his relation with Suwarna in Yeh Rishta…

YRKKH: Twisted!! Suwarna to repeat Naira's mistake

Kartik hides his pain from everyone. He plans Naira’s birthday surprise to give her happiness. Kartik romances her on seeing her in her birthday dress. The couple have a dance recalling their journey. Goenkas visit Singhanias for the party. Dadi feels Kirti has done much of hardwork. She feels the birthday was not necessary, when media is not called. Dadi then learns that Kirti didn’t do any work. She tells Dadi that she didn’t do anything till now, everyone just makes her rest. Kartik takes Naira home and gives a surprise. Naira gets delighted when she parties with her family. Kartik realizes he has forgotten the cake. Suwarna offers him help. She asks Aryan to come along with her.

Naira finds Kartik hurt. She asks him what is he hiding. He tries to hide his pain. She then gets to see the her name tattooed on his arm. She cries seeing his surprise. Kartik expresses love to her. She feels lucky to get him. He doesn’t want anything wrong to happen in her birthday.

Aryan gets a huge shock on seeing his dad meeting Suwarna. He learns Suwarna is his real mum, who gave her son away to her brother. A huge truth gets revealed to him. Suwarna doesn’t want to have any relation with her son. Suwarna is sure that her decision was very much right. She asks her brother to always support her. She doesn’t want the truth to come out in front of anyone. She feels helpless to hide the matter. She just wants to have Kartik as her son. Aryan feels he has lost his mother’s love, just because of Kartik. He holds Kartik responsible for all his life miseries. Aryan gets angered when he sees the family praising Kartik.


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