Durga to veil the truth in Meri Durga


Neelkant and Gayatri get happy that their plan succeeded, Sanjay has got Durga to take revenge. Yashpal comes to meet Durga. He gets mistaken hearing the guards. He thinks Sanjay will take care of him. Gayatri never imagined Durga will do the sting operation. She feels Sanjay has proved that he is their son. Sanjay has ruined Durga’s life. She aims to ruin Durga’s career. Neelkant tells her how she has changed the video and proved to Sanjay that Durga lied in the press conference. He pities Sanjay, who believed them blindly. They both feel confident to control Durga’s life.

Durga vents out her anger. She recalls Sanjay’s bigger cheat. She doesn’t give up. She runs away from Sanjay’s house to meet her family. Yashpal feels restless. Durga comes home to meet her family.

Durga breaks the truth to them that nothing is fine in her inlaws. She thinks they will get much worried, and then lies to them that Sanjay takes care of her. Yashpal worries seeing the wound. Durga hides the matter from them. She gains strength from her parents. Yashpal doubts on Durga, when she lies about Sanjay. He feels Durga is hiding something serious. Sanjay finds Durga missing. He tells his parents that Durga has left from the house. He determined to get her back on his terms. Sanjay has planned something to insult Durga.


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