Ishita gets close to Raman’s problems in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Ashok and Ishita plan a meet with Raman, so that they can know what’s troubling him. Simmi tries to keep Ishita away from Raman. Simmi reveals the truth to her that she is heading the family now, just to shatter the family and take revenge. Ishita confronts her for breaking the peace. She asks Simmi how can she ruin everyone’s lives. Ishita and Simmi have an argument. Simmi expresses her hatred for Ishita. She tells her that Raman hates her and didn’t wish to meet her again. Ishita still believes that Raman loves her, even if he has forgotten her. Simmi blames her for Ananya’s murder. Simmi asks her to try harder, but she can never re-enter the house. After the drama dose, Simmi goes. Ishita tells Ashok that she will talk to Raman to find the matter. He tries to keep Simmi distracted when Ishita and Raman’s meet happens.

Bala and Romi turned into good friends. Bala learns that Mihika wants to divorce Romi. Iyers agree with Mihika’s decision, but Bala feels Romi deserves a second chance. He thinks Romi should reconcile with Mihika. He puts efforts to bring Romi and Mihika’s relationship back on track. He misses Ishita, who was the problem solver for everyone. Bala meets Romi and tells him about the divorce papers.


Romi tells him that he will stop Mihika from doing this. Bala asks him not to act impulsive. Romi tells him that he can’t afford to lose his wife. Bala asks him to find a solution to solve this mess. He advises Romi to send back the papers and remark about the mistakes in the paper. Romi thanks Bala for all his help.

Ishita looks for Raman. She meets him in the church. They both bond with their pain. She tries to know about his family and relationships. Raman tells her that his family loves him, he is not so lonely. Ishita asks him to identify the love around him. He looks lifeless without their memories. Ishita starts influencing him. They both share a heart talk. He feels that she has understood him. He tells her that he is finding someone. He thanks her. Ishita joins them for lunch, even when Simmi tries to keep them away.


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