Tadka twist: Suraj to don a chef avatar in Udaan


Suraj turns into a chef for Chakor. Chakor wants to eat something spicy. She taunts Suraj for failing to take care of her. He asks her never to tell him that he doesn’t deserve to become a father. Her words hurt his heart. She asks him to beg money for arranging travel fare. He refuses to beg, since he is fit and fine to earn a living. Suraj looks at a dhaba. He finds a dhaba and gets a chef job for the day. He also plans to make spicy food for Chakor. He feels bad by Chakor’s taunts. He can earn money at the dhaba by cooking and washing utensils. He prefers to do cooking work.

Suraj and Chakor feel the baby kick and get happy. Suraj tells her that his baby heard him talking and answered. He tells the baby that he is making veg pulao for Chakor. Chakor thinks Suraj doesn’t know cooking. Suraj tells her that he can make pulao very well, the people who eat veg pulao made by him will forget everything. He gets working.

Chakor sits in the kitchen and tries to guide him. They have to arrange money so that they can buy bus tickets and reach Aazaadgunj. Suraj then finishes the cooking and makes Chakor taste the pulao. She praises the pulao. Suraj proves that he will not let his wife and child die of hunger. He shows he will do anything to take care of his family. This new journey of parenthood has taught them a lot. Suraj serves the food to the customers at the dhaba. Suraj wears his jacket and gets ready to go and get his earnings from dhaba owner.


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