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Kumkum Bhagya: Aaliya and Tanu get relaxed after sending away Munni. Aaliya makes her image better. She gets a shock on learning Munni has come back for revenge. Pragya gets the NGO women to secure her place at home. Abhi asks her to get lost. Pragya doesn’t listen to him. The ladies ask Abhi to apply for divorce if he wants to get rid of his wife, but making her leave the house is not a solution.

Abhi tells them that this woman/Pragya is his wife’s lookalike and she is taking advantage of his innocence just to get the claim on his richness. He tries to convince the women by proving Pragya is a fraud. Pragya denies his blames. She tells Abhi that she has proof of her identity, she will prove Abhi is her husband. She sounds confident, which gives tension to Aaliya. The women wait to see the proof Pragya is going to show up. Abhi gets clueless.

Neil and Avni stay angry. He pours water on himself. Avni stops the water and taunts him for his doings. They both indirectly comment and vent out anger on each other. Avni slips, while he holds her. While Neil and Avni sit to talk and sort out the differences, Juhi comes between them and breaks their talk.

Piya Albela:

Naren sheds tears for Pooja. Pooja gets dressed up as the bride. Naren imagines Pooja as bride and getting away from him. Pooja tells him that he got her here by cheat and he has always given him cheat. Her words taunt him. Naren is in a shock by Pooja’s cheat. Pooja is going to marry Mr. Kapoor. Naren loses his senses. He tries to commit suicide. Supriya comes in nick of time and stops him. Naren lies in her lap and cries. She asks him why is he marrying Surbhi, she is not a nice girl, he should marry Pooja. Naren gets angry hearing Pooja’s name.

Woh Apna Sa:
Arjun and Jia dance in the masquerade themed party. Samar and Nisha hide their intentions. Jia dances around Nisha and Samar. Nisha feels Jhanvi’s presence. Arjun knows Jia has a knife with her. He wants to expose Jia to Nisha. Jia has come to kidnap Samar as per her plan. Arjun wants to save Nisha to get money from her.

Jiji Maa:

Uttara impresses Niyati, while indirectly insulting her in her locality. Niyati doesn’t understand her real game. She feels happy that Uttara accepted her. Uttara tells Vidhaan about Niyati trapped in a drugs dealing case. She sheds tears and lies to him that Falguni is the one who had framed Niyati, since she is jealous of Niyati’s marriage happening in a rich house. Vidhaan believes his mum. Uttara’s threatening makes Falguni worry. Falguni hides the truth from Niyati.

Vidhaan gets a huge shock knowing Niyati was in lockup for one day. He thinks of confronting Falguni. He visits Niyati and reveals that her sister has framed her in the fraud case. Niyati doesn’t believe his nonsense. She scolds Vidhaan for accusing Falguni, who is like a mother for her. Niyati doesn’t want to leave Falguni ever. She defends Falguni and breaks ties with Vidhaan. Falguni doesn’t want to get separated because of her. She understands Uttara’s plannings and stops Niyati from the blunder.

Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre:

Devi manages to get free from handcuffs. She meets Adhiraj. She cuffs their hands. She tells her that she is very adamant. Adhiraj was learning the etiquette to deal with foreign clients. When Devi interrupts him, he tells her that he doesn’t need her help now. She says he will get profit if he takes her along. His ego comes in between. Devi throws the keys away. Adhiraj gets angry and aims gun at her. He tries to scare her. She doesn’t listen to him. Devi tells him that she will now stay with him in the party, and no one can separate them. Devi fails Maasa and Urmi’s plans. Devi tells Maasa that she is Adhiraj’s wife and she will be with him. She hides the handcuffs from everyone and just shows their love bond to everyone.


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