Anjali begins ruining relationships in Sasural Simar Ka

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Piyush and Roshni have an argument. Piyush asks Roshni to accept her mistake. Roshni tells him that she has really seen someone in the room. He says I always compared you with mum and thought you are my strength, but today I feel you are my weakness. She says I m right, I didn’t do any mistake, how can I deny what I have seen. He asks her to stop it. Roshni doubts Anjali is making Sameer and Sanjana away. Anjali has trapped even Roshni.

On the other hand, Sanjana tries to explain Sameer, but he is mistaken about her. He asks her to leave him alone. Anjali is the reason for all the quarrels. Sameer thinks Sanjana has met her lover in the resort. He is much upset with her as she has no answers to clear his doubts. Sanjana says there is much tension at home, Mata ji’s jewelry bag is lost, if you go out and sleep, what will everyone think, they will be worried for us. He feels Sanjana has cheated him.

Sameer and Sanjana’s relation is getting more worse. He is doubting on her character. He wants to know the truth. She cries and tries to explain. He doesn’t want to hear anything than the truth. Sanjana’s life gets sorrow again. A stranger blackmails her. She gets helpless. Sanjana feels guilty. She asks Lord to help her. Simar finds her worried. Sanjana hides the matter from her. She sheds tears in worry. Sanjana receives the pictures sent by the blackmailer. She burns the pictures, knowing Sameer can divorce her if he sees the pictures. There is a big problem happening. She has no clue about her enemy. Sameer is much upset. Anjali plays with Sanjana’s mind. Anjali asks Sanjana not to share the matter with Sameer, which drives Sameer more away from her.


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